Tatiana's coffeegrinder

Last saturday I received Tatiana's coffeegrinder she gave away some time ago.( Check out her post: http://mylittlelittledream.blogspot.nl/2013/08/miniature-cofee-grinder.htm). Isn't it beautiful!!!
I immediately started moving the coffeegrinder around in the kitchen of my Miniature House.
Apart from the chimney there is still a lot of work to do to on my kitchen.
Inspired by Tatiana's gift I decided to continue working on it, focussing on the cooker beneath the chimney.

This is the black cooker the way I bought it....

Below you can see how the cooker looks now.
Tatiana's coffeegrinder is in the upper right of the picture;
 I think it looks very nice on the chimney like this.

Along with  the coffeegrinder, Tatiana also sent me a bouquet of lovely roses (she made it herself, I guess). Now it has a special place in the living room:

Dear Tatiana, thank you so much for your inspiration and your precious gifts!