Flowers from Ilona

Recently I bought Ilona's ( http://minimumloon.blogspot.nl/)  gorgeous Agapanthus
at the Dolls House fair in Ulft, The Netherlands. 
And  I was already in possession of  lovely tulips made by her.
Now I found a place for them all in my Miniature House.
I am so happy with this addition! Thank you, Ilona, for your beautiful miniatures!

I think the Agapanthus is a real eye catcher in this spot.
Besides, it's a shady place so I don't have to be worried
 that direct sunlight will harm the colour of it.

The tulips got a nice place on the first floor hall....

.......and one of them in the living room downstairs.


Curtains: Part II

By now almost all windows of my Miniature House have curtains.
For the curtain rail in the attic I got inspiration from

I used this idea as well for the bedroom on the first floor;
the French doors leading  to the balcony.

For the other windows in the bedroom I made use of a fabric pleater.

In the kitchen I wanted valances and again found a handy tutorial on Casey's blog http://caseymini.blogspot.nl/search/label/curtains.
But instead of making a running stitch by hand like she does, I used a large stitch on the machine.

The tiny holes made by the pins while drying are disappearing
when you scratch the fabric with a pin again afterwards

I did the same for the windows on the first floor room next to the bathroom.
But this time I made the ruffles a little less deep.