Kitchen Furniture

Last  year I made some furniture for the kitchen of my Miniature House;
a kind of hanging cupboard or wallunit.
For the upper part of it I found an inspirational picture  in 1:1 on Pinterest.  
I made a copy of it for my 1:12 kitchen by looking carefully at the photo.
The lower part I designed and built myself.  

I still had a table and chairs I bought some years ago.
I painted all pieces of furniture in  a blue-grey shade.




I made the beds

Miniature House contains three bedrooms.
Lately I put "fresh sheets" on all the beds.
This post shows how the beds used to look like and how they do now.
I made this bed and mattress with help of two tutorials.
You can find them on .
and via my Pinterest Board https://www.pinterest.com/Liduina88/miniaturetutorials/

And this is how it looks right now. placed in the attic with the red cupboard.

The lovely roses you can see on the right are made by Tatiana.
Visit her great blog and nice tutorials:

This is how the wooden bed in the room
on the first floor used to look like
....but I decided to give it a new look....


The bed in the attic with the blue roses.
This is how it looked like when I had made the mattress
 Next pictures of a cosy bed with soft pillows......