A few years ago I made a bathroom in my Miniature House by creating a separated space in one of the bedrooms. Up till now it looked  rather empty with only a bath and a sink in it.
However, the past month I spent time on making miniatures to decorate my bathroom with. You can see the result below. Now the bathroom is the first room to be completed in my Miniature House!

Fresh towels  in a basket, some perfume bottles and a toothbrush....
In this picture you can see a soap holder made of  a tiny shell.
I had found this idea on Pinterest, it came from:
This cute little bag was a gift ( thank you so much, Anne!)
I made a bath-brush and sponge  to fill it with.
 I made this  towel holder with accessories using wooden sticks, beads,
 metal parts for making necklaces and miniature prints.


A faux metal sign to enhance the nostalgic atmoshpere :-)



Weaving Baskets

Inspired by the recent give-away on "Basketcase Miniatures" I began looking in my own collection of miniatures  for a round basket I had once made in a workshop,  given by  dutch miniaturist Will Werson.  ( www.willwersonminiaturen.com)
I then found a kit I had bought from her and decided to give it a try myself. Below is the result.


I felt encouraged to try and make a copy of my own "real life" laundry basket. After measuring my 1:1 basket  I made a mold out of paper and filled it with plaster.
Below you can see the pictures of the way I worked to create my mini-basket. Two tutorials helped me a lot in this  proces: http://jicolin.free.fr/techvannerie.htm  and http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.nl/2011/07/weaving-basket-with-crochet-thread.html


I am quite pleased with the result and I hope to be able to show you my laundry basket as part of the bathroom in my Miniature House soon.....


Two more beds finished


I made two more beds and I enjoyed working on them a lot! I think I will choose the black one to furnish the attic of my "Miniature House".
If you want to know how to construct the black bed you can find a pin with a link to a tutorial on  my Pinterest Board "Miniature Tutorials (http://pinterest.com/Liduina88/miniaturetutorials).  The mattrasses are made with help of a tutorial by 1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com
The  accessories shown in this post are all made by myself except for the lovely knitwork on the black bed; it's a beautiful scarf knitted by Anne from http://ateljelillahjartat.blogspot.nl/.