Downstairs Hall

When I started working on the hall downstairs my Miniature House I decided to locate a toilet beneath the stairs. So I shifted the door that gave access to the living room. I made a tiny room and placed it into the house. It then looked like this:

Next I decorated the toilet room and glued it in place. I painted the ceiling and put a ceiling ornament around the lamp. I made a floor of wooden sticks, painted it and made use of a brass stencil to add a decorative pattern.

After that I didn't feel satisfied..... I decided to add some ceiling lists made of cardboard.

Though I glued them well to the ceiling, some ugly cracks appeared.....


I  filled the cracks with  Amsterdam Heavy Gel Medium Mat and painted them over with some left over paint I used on the ceiling. That looked much better!

Next I made some plinths/baseboards.
One can make lovely baseboards (as well as ceiling lists)  out of cereal boxes.
The places the boxes are folded are great to use. When treated with glue and paint they are easily tot cut with a craft knife or scissors, even a small saw!

After that, I felt like adding some wall panels.
I still had a pretty piece of wallpaper in my stock; I glued it on a piece of cardboard and painted it.

With help of a mock-up I cut the pieces in the right shape and length.

Everything glued in place, this is how it looks like now: