Weaving Baskets

Inspired by the recent give-away on "Basketcase Miniatures" I began looking in my own collection of miniatures  for a round basket I had once made in a workshop,  given by  dutch miniaturist Will Werson.  ( www.willwersonminiaturen.com)
I then found a kit I had bought from her and decided to give it a try myself. Below is the result.


I felt encouraged to try and make a copy of my own "real life" laundry basket. After measuring my 1:1 basket  I made a mold out of paper and filled it with plaster.
Below you can see the pictures of the way I worked to create my mini-basket. Two tutorials helped me a lot in this  proces: http://jicolin.free.fr/techvannerie.htm  and http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.nl/2011/07/weaving-basket-with-crochet-thread.html


I am quite pleased with the result and I hope to be able to show you my laundry basket as part of the bathroom in my Miniature House soon.....