Published in "Landleben"

"Miniature House" is featured in an article in the september issue of  German magazine "Landleben". Journalist Helene Kilb contacted me last summer after she discovered my blog.

Apart from my 1:12 house, the article also shows the work of fellow miniaturists 
Sigrid Kusirek, Maritza Moran and Susan Kendall.
 Their work is really lovely and I think Helene did a wonderful job showing the beauty and fun of the miniature hobby.

Below the summary of my answers to the questions Helene asked me about my miniature hobby. 


How to: Carpet Beater

May 2017,  I wrote a workshop for a dutch Dollshouse Magazine 
about making a carpet beater.  I can now share it with you….

Earlier on I had found a single picture on Pinterest showing a piece of rope in a knot resembling a carpet beater.  I tried and worked it out with several kinds of rope  but finally using real wicker, until I felt satisfied about the way it looked. 

You will need 2 pieces of wicker; both 14 mm thick and 40 cm long. 
You will also use a wooden stick, wash cloths, woodstain, thin rope and glue clamps. 

Lay the wicker in the water for an hour. When soaked and flexible, weave both strings using this picture below for guidance. Start with large loops and end up as small as you can by pulling the strings alternately.

Clamp the "knot" with a glue clamp on a piece of wood and twist both loose "wicker stems" on each other while pulling. Attach at the bottom with another glue clamp. 

Use wash cloths to keep the stick of the carpet beater straight.

Leave it to dry for one night. 

Finally, using glue, twist some thin rope just below the upper part of the carpet beater 

and do this again about 4 cm downwards. 

 Cut away the surplus and finish with woodstain.


Dressing table in the attic

Still working on my Miniature House, rather quietly......reaching completion slowly....

I have another corner in my 1:12 house that feels like there's nothing to add anymore; it's in the "blue attic".   To start with I bought a wooden piece of furniture and painted it.

Next I made two suitcases out of foamboard, fabric, wire and strips of painted paper.

I added a tiny pile of "lace and linen", held together with a ribbon.

To make things complete, I cut a piece of mirror-sheet, aged it 
and glued it into a kind of metal embellishment I bought.

Next I made two pieces handsoap (if you like to know how: http://michaelas-miniaturen.beeplog.de/151819_480971.htm)

Finally placing a lovely watering can from Elisabeth Causeret on top of the dressing table.

And here it is.....another step taken in decorating my doll's house.

To my fellow bloggers I would like to say; it's a bit more quiet in "Blog-land"  than it used to be,
but I am happy you are still updating your blogs.
For I visit them as much as I can and your posts keep me inspired.
My thanks to all of you!


Miniature House published

In Dutch doll's house magazine "Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen" 147 an article has been published about my Miniature House.

I also wrote two tutorials for this magazine....

One about miniature rolls of fabric and another one about making a broomstick.


Umbrella Stand

After having made some umbrella's (http://liduina88.blogspot.nl/2016/10/umbrella.html)
 I turned my attention to making walking sticks.

And then of course an umbrella stand to put them in :-D

Guess what...Miniature House will have it's fifteen minutes of fame in the next issue of
Dutch Doll's House Magazine : "Poppenhuizen & Miniaturen"



I found a really helpful tutorial on making umbrella's: http://wasting-gold-paper.blogspot.nl/2013/03/easy-parasolumbrella-tutorial.html.
So I practiced a little and made a few myself.
One day I'll put some of them in the downstairs hall of my Miniature House.....




A touch of Chinese to the attic

Actually, it all started with this little chinese teapot I found in a shop years ago.
I decided to create a kind of "chinese corner" in my attic.
So I made a tiny sidetable to place the teapot on.

I next changed a readymade chair so it would be more in harmony with the teapot&table.
You can see the way the chair used to look like
in the picture below, though I used one with armrests of course :-)

Adding a picture and perhaps in future more things....
But for now I think it's okay like this.

Rember the washstand I made long ago?
I suppose some readers will be dissapointed now, but I simply painted it over,
in order to have it fit into the rest of the room ;-)

Right now, this is how the attic looks like:



When I assembled my dollhouse kit "De Cameleon"  from Karweipost back in 2007
just one chimney (the square one on the roof at the back of the house) was part of the design.

However, I wanted a hearth in almost every room of the house,
so I added another chimney to the right hand side of it.

I later improved the top of the chimneys.

The one at the back of the roof got a better top
by adding some paper covered by plaster.

To enhance the one on the side of the house,
I made some pipes out of wood and paper, stained them
and glued them in place on a layer of plaster.

And this is how the roof looks right now....