Curtains: Part I

I have been busy making curtains for the blue bay window and the  living room downstairs in my Miniature House. I begun with making curtains for my blue bay window.

Credit goes to Caseyminis ( http://caseymini.blogspot.nl/search?updated-max=2012-03-11T14:03:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=35&by-date=false )  and Elisabeth  (http://studioeminiatures.blogspot.nl/) for I found a lot of handy tips and trics on their blogs about making curtains.
Thanks to  http://josje-bouwt.blogspot.nl/2013/01/curtains-contained.html   I discovered the use of simple brushes in order to make really natural folds.

I wanted a nice curve in my curtain, so the upper part would be broad and it would get real narrow in the spot I wanted to have it tied together with a bow. To avoid imprints from my pins, I shove a piece of flexible plastic between the pins and my curtain. After drying I glued on tiny bows and stuck the curtains to the alcoves.

In order to decorate the living room I made a wooden alcove and painted it white with a primer before covering it with fabric.

I cut a piece of fabric the right size. Years ago I read in a doll's house magazine about using toothpicks for making real small folds in thin fabric. So I glued some strips of toothpicks on a piece of wood.

Next I used a kind of spray which is used to stiffen your blouses while ironing. It's called Crack Free (one can buy it in dutch supermarket Albert Heijn).
I really soaked the textile with it and started pushing the fabric in the strips of toothpicks.

After drying I glued it in the alcove, together with the long parts of the curtains.