When I assembled my dollhouse kit "De Cameleon"  from Karweipost back in 2007
just one chimney (the square one on the roof at the back of the house) was part of the design.

However, I wanted a hearth in almost every room of the house,
so I added another chimney to the right hand side of it.

I later improved the top of the chimneys.

The one at the back of the roof got a better top
by adding some paper covered by plaster.

To enhance the one on the side of the house,
I made some pipes out of wood and paper, stained them
and glued them in place on a layer of plaster.

And this is how the roof looks right now....


Sewing Room is finished!

Somehow, the sewing room has become the second room in my
Miniature House I regard "finished". ( First one was the bathroom, see my post   http://liduina88.blogspot.nl/2013/08/bathroom.html)

I changed my mind and placed the table with the sewing machine on top of it,
 in front of the window.

I collected all accessories I had made before and started shifting them around,
arranging them untill I felt happy about it.