Dressing table in the attic

Still working on my Miniature House, rather quietly......reaching completion slowly....

I have another corner in my 1:12 house that feels like there's nothing to add anymore; it's in the "blue attic".   To start with I bought a wooden piece of furniture and painted it.

Next I made two suitcases out of foamboard, fabric, wire and strips of painted paper.

I added a tiny pile of "lace and linen", held together with a ribbon.

To make things complete, I cut a piece of mirror-sheet, aged it 
and glued it into a kind of metal embellishment I bought.

Next I made two pieces handsoap (if you like to know how: http://michaelas-miniaturen.beeplog.de/151819_480971.htm)

Finally placing a lovely watering can from Elisabeth Causeret on top of the dressing table.

And here it is.....another step taken in decorating my doll's house.

To my fellow bloggers I would like to say; it's a bit more quiet in "Blog-land"  than it used to be,
but I am happy you are still updating your blogs.
For I visit them as much as I can and your posts keep me inspired.
My thanks to all of you!


Miniature House published

In Dutch doll's house magazine "Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen" 147 an article has been published about my Miniature House.

I also wrote two tutorials for this magazine....

One about miniature rolls of fabric and another one about making a broomstick.