A touch of Chinese to the attic

Actually, it all started with this little chinese teapot I found in a shop years ago.
I decided to create a kind of "chinese corner" in my attic.
So I made a tiny sidetable to place the teapot on.

I next changed a readymade chair so it would be more in harmony with the teapot&table.
You can see the way the chair used to look like
in the picture below, though I used one with armrests of course :-)

Adding a picture and perhaps in future more things....
But for now I think it's okay like this.

Rember the washstand I made long ago?
I suppose some readers will be dissapointed now, but I simply painted it over,
in order to have it fit into the rest of the room ;-)

Right now, this is how the attic looks like: