A few years ago I made a bathroom in my Miniature House by creating a separated space in one of the bedrooms. Up till now it looked  rather empty with only a bath and a sink in it.
However, the past month I spent time on making miniatures to decorate my bathroom with. You can see the result below. Now the bathroom is the first room to be completed in my Miniature House!

Fresh towels  in a basket, some perfume bottles and a toothbrush....
In this picture you can see a soap holder made of  a tiny shell.
I had found this idea on Pinterest, it came from:
This cute little bag was a gift ( thank you so much, Anne!)
I made a bath-brush and sponge  to fill it with.
 I made this  towel holder with accessories using wooden sticks, beads,
 metal parts for making necklaces and miniature prints.


A faux metal sign to enhance the nostalgic atmoshpere :-)