Do not try this at home!

Whenever I believe I know a technique that can be of use to you, I am glad to share it. But I am not afraid to share my failures as well. I wanted make a faux iron bed myself and this is what happend.

I decided to try and make a faux iron bed, using all sorts of materials; fabric, wood, paper, beads, pins, etc.
 It took me a days  of trial and error to figure out how to keep all these tiny particles together.

And this is what it looked like after endless spray-painting.
I guess I needed over 10  layers of spray paint to finally  cover the colour of the beads and lace.
I used  a primer first and next an expensive finish. I nearly suffocated in a cloud of spray paint.

As you can see clearly; the spray paint did not dry nicely, but sticks to the object like a kind of dust or powder.
No matter the distance I choose when spraying the paint.

I used paper to thicken the wooden sticks I had.
Despite the glue I used, the paper let loose again after a while.

Just look how ugly the tiny beads appear; all wobbly and irregular, instead of straight.

Last but not least, the tiny holes in the "spiral"  bottom of the bed filled with paint.

When I have regained my courage, I will try again. But in that case I will definitely use  an easy tutorial I found on Pinterest and make a very modest bed. Your tips and trics are very welcome!