Pelargonium from Anne

This picture is the first one you will see when you visit Anne's blog: http://ateljelillahjartat.blogspot.nl/
It is a favorite scene to me: beautiful in its calmness and simplicity. Nothing overdone or "just too much". And I really admire Anne's crochetwork....in the picture you can see she has used lovely colours to crochet some baskets.

Some time ago I won one of Anne's selfmade Pelargoniums. A very pretty pink one. (thank you so much, Anne!). But when I received her parcel I opened it and although she had wrapped it very carefully, the terracotta pot was broken! Fortunately her precious flower was undamaged.....

I decided to make a new pot myself, inspired on and dedicated to Anne's lovely crochetwork.....
However; to crochet a long string is as far as my own crochet-skills reach, so I had to satisfy myself with it.
In this post I will show you how I made a tiny basket myself using a crocheted thread.
Perhaps most of you will already know the technique I used. Those people can scroll directly down to the last picture :D

These are the materials I started out with.

I covered a tiny bottle with plastic foil and a piece of wet fabric on top ot it.

Pull the fabric tight with help of a piece of rubber.
Glue one end of the thread on top of the bottle. Let it dry.

Start glueing the rest of the thread.

Now the bottom of the basket is finished....

Here the basket is all done.

In this picture  I show a different basket ,
but the idea is the same: just remove the plastic foil.

After removing the plastic foil, cut away the excess fabric

Paint the pot inside. (I made a few of them, red and blue)

Add a string on top of the basket.

I wrapped the remains of the old pot using a cotton thread and Tacky Glue

I covered the outside in Tacky Glue and dipped it in a mix of dried coffee and tea.
In this way the Pelargonium can be "repotted"  whenever I like it!

So this is the Pelargonium in the blue basket....

...and in the red basket.