Liduina's give away: and the winner is.....


I got far  more reactions on my Give Away than I initially had expected and some commenters even  wrote they liked all paintings and would have difficulty to choose one.
 It is hard for me knowing I can't give all of you a miniature painting. 
Therefore I decided to give away all paintings shown in the
Give Away post of April 4: that is 10 miniature paintings.

This is the list of names I made yesterday evening late. You can compare the sequence with the comments on the post of April 4.

I used the Random Generator to extract a list of 10 winners. This is the draw:

So the winners are:

  1. Fabiola
  2. Fiona
  3. Fiber
  4. Hannah
  5. Giac
  6. Monique
  7. Maria Ireland
  8. Emily Miller Talbott
  9. Genevieve
  10. Norma
The first winner ( Fabiola) will have first choice, the second winner (Fiona) next, etcetera. In the picture beneath I gave the winners a colour on the list, so you can check yourself.

Congratulations to you all!