Concealing electrical wires


In her post of April the 8th Fiona (a Passion for Minatures) wrote about the wall plugs that appear to come with the coppertape system for creating electric light in a doll's house. I wrote a comment on this post about my coppertape system and how I agreed the rather ugly wall plugs had to be hidden behind tiny objects.
Wondering about this I remembered I initially had started out with a system of wires running under the floors in my Miniature house. But I did not like the bunch of threads hanging outside at the back of my house. 
So when I discovered the coppertape-system  I decided to use that instead, but later  I realised I really disliked the plugs.

Now I have ended up with a combination of both systems trying to have the best of both worlds for my Miniature House. I will show you in this post.

The advantage of the coppertape system is that you can hide it under the wallpaper and and with aid of a special Cir-Kit device, you  can plug lamps directly into the ceiling. Replacing the lamp is very easy in this way.

However  the drawback of the coppertape system is you need to make plugs in the walls. The electricity plugs are far too big and obvious. I try to hide them with some furniture or tiny accessories.

Sometimes, the Cirkit-device shown above can't be used for a ceiling lamp. This was the case with the lamp in my bathroom. I solved this problem by leading the wire up the room above, under the floor to the back of the attic where I had made a kind of fake corner.

The same trick I applied to the kitchen ceiling: the wires of the kitchen lamp end beneath the bath tub.  If you look well, you can still see the grooves I made initially for the wiresystem; in the back wall of my house are still tiny holes where I wanted to pull the wires through.  I can still do it if I choose to....

Then there was the problem of the hearths. I decided to hide the plugs behind them as you can see in the pictures below.  

I made the hearths out of paper, cardboard, wood and fabric, painting them afterwards.

Again the wire of the ceilinglamp in the livingroom runs under the floor of the room above and ends behind the hearth there.

At the attic I wanted to create a wall to put the red cupboard I made in front of it. This created the opportunity to hide the wire of the hanging lamp.

So far the secrets of the hidden electrical system in my Miniature House.