Dressing table in the attic

Still working on my Miniature House, rather quietly......reaching completion slowly....

I have another corner in my 1:12 house that feels like there's nothing to add anymore; it's in the "blue attic".   To start with I bought a wooden piece of furniture and painted it.

Next I made two suitcases out of foamboard, fabric, wire and strips of painted paper.

I added a tiny pile of "lace and linen", held together with a ribbon.

To make things complete, I cut a piece of mirror-sheet, aged it 
and glued it into a kind of metal embellishment I bought.

Next I made two pieces handsoap (if you like to know how: http://michaelas-miniaturen.beeplog.de/151819_480971.htm)

Finally placing a lovely watering can from Elisabeth Causeret on top of the dressing table.

And here it is.....another step taken in decorating my doll's house.

To my fellow bloggers I would like to say; it's a bit more quiet in "Blog-land"  than it used to be,
but I am happy you are still updating your blogs.
For I visit them as much as I can and your posts keep me inspired.
My thanks to all of you!


Véronique said...

Oh, I can comment again?? Jippie!
Love your blue room!!! I would love to come and stay in your house if I were 12 times smaller.
Your suitcases look really beautiful.
You have an eye for detail and for making everything match perfectly.
I love it and I hope you will continue working on this house (or start a new one) as you are an inspiration!!

Tessa Liduina said...

Yes, it is possible again to leave a comment on my blog, Veronique! Thank you so much for your enthousiasm and compliments. Hope tot visit your inspiring blog soon as well.

Giac said...

Hello Tessa,
I love the way you transformed the dresser. It looks beautiful and great job on the suitcase.
Big hug

Tessa Liduina said...

Thank you for leaving a comment Giac, I value your opnion a lot. I have always been watching your own blog-updates with much admiration.

Ingi said...

What a beautiful dressing table, it is so well done! I like the suitcases, too. All scene is just heartwarming!

Maria Ireland said...

I love your dressing table it looks so pretty with the beautiful items on it. The suitcases are amazing. Wonderful room.
Hugs Maria

Ilona said...

Jaaaaa, ik mag weer een reactie schrijven: fijn, Tessa :D!!
Zoals ik al eerder op Fb heb geschreven vind ik jouw blauwe zolder prachtig tot nu toe. Het heeft dan ook helemaal mijn favoriete kleurenschema ;D!
Ik ben blij dat je de tijd kunt vinden om aan jouw prachtige huis te werken, het vordert gestaag, maar het resultaat mag er dan ook zijn. Ik vind het mooi staan de gestapelde koffertjes met de plaids/dekens en het strikje maakt het af.
Het kastje kreeg een pracht makeover en het lampetstel met spiegel erboven maken het fijntjes af.
Lieve groetjes, Ilona

The grandmommy said...

The soft hues you chose give the room a very comfortable feeling! I want to go in that direction more.

Eloisa said...

Me encanta como ha quedado el mueble, y las maletas geniales.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

¡Que bonito te ha quedado el ático! Le has dado unos colores muy cálidos y los complementos como la jarra y las maletas perfecto:-)

Isabel Ruiz said...

Has hecho un estupendo trabajo. Me gusta mucho el color que has aplicado al muebles.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Tessa!
I LOVE your blue dresser AND I LOVE the various accessories which you have placed all around it!
The suitcases are Superb and the bundled linen is enchanting!
Blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations in Real Life decorating because it always looks Fresh and inviting, just as your Mini Blue Room does! :D

Katajamäki Lea said...

Wow, i love the dressing table and those suitcases are so cute <3. Very beautiful colors <3

Pepper said...

I love your latest additions. They are not girly and pink and yet are still feminine and pretty. I also love that you have such a mixture of items - new, modern, recycled and antique. It is beautiful! :0)

Tessa Liduina said...

Thank you all for taking time and effort to leave a comment on this post.

Daydreamer said...

Oh, there are comments again! Hooray!!!
Yes, it is quiet in blogland... but some of us will never keep quiet! :)
I LOVE what you are doing in your attic! It is so serene and well looked after... I imagine the guests will want to stay too long....!
Your suitcases are so well done! And the whole atmosphere is just beautiful!

Sheila said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors and this is just gorgeous. Love your suitcase and that wallpaper is a perfect background for the dresser and linens.

minwks said...

A great job on the blue room! Your suitcases are wonderful. Lovely result. .... but is a room ever totally finished in miniature. Hard to stop adding small treasures as time goes on.
All the best regards

ISABELLE said...

Jolie ambiance bleutée c'est vraiment très joli!!!

Fabiola said...

The dressing table is beautiful and the accessories are perfect.

Юлия said...

This is very good! Composition wonderful and harmonious. Suitcases are realistic, I love it!
Hugs Julia

lulaby homeplace said...

I love blue tones in decoration and yours is absolutely gorgeous ! The suitcase made with this fabric is great , a great inspiration for me .

Irene said...

Well done on you work with the dresser and all it's little details, especially the suitcases. It's a lovely room.

Tatiana said...

Фантастические фотографии! Я так рада, что вы открыли комментарии. Все выглядит очень реально! Чемоданы супер! Спасибо за урок!

marionswiss said...

Your eye for detail is amazing. Couple this with your good taste... the result is a masterpiece :-)

Minyatur1001 said...

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ScrapbookingButterfly said...

A fresh and pretty room that looks ready for a guest to stay for a few days...love all the little accessories that add realistic detail to the space! The suitcases look like they have had some adventures but are happy to rest here for a bit...well done! Cheers, Alayne

Unknown said...

The dressing table is beautiful and the accessories are perfect.

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sanpiseth40 said...

i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.