Improving the ceiling

I wasn't happy any more with the way I created the ceiling in the upstairs bedroom.
Time to improve!
First of all I decided to paint the whole ceiling and the upper part of the walls  again
in order to soften the pink I had used.

 But I also needed to cover ugly cracks, like shown in the picture beneath. ( I used an acrylic medium for this, look at my blogpost http://liduina88.blogspot.nl/2016/02/downstairs-hall.html)
And the ceiling ornament in the middle of the room could be better, I thought.
So I cut a square out of cardstock and decorated it with help of a copper template and some
Acrylic Heavy Gel Medium. I glued it to the ceiling and painted it over.

I sometimes cut my brushes short so I can more easily paint the inside of the house.
In his way I painted the ceiling including the ornament.

I cut some cornices out of cardstock and some picture rails.
Want to know how? Again have a look at my post

I cut the cornices at length with help of a template I made for the ceiling:

I painted them and glued them to the ceiling.

Finally I put back all the furniture.
I made all pieces years ago except for the mirror; that I made more recently when I found and bought the beautiful wooden ornaments in the corners of it.
A dear friend of mine crocheted a lovely round carpet especially for my Miniature House.
I dyed it in  a very soft pink color with help of some crepe paper.
 It's lovely but so subtle it only shows in real life; in the picture it actually appears white.....