From kit to house

In 2007 I bought a doll's house kit called "Cameleon" at a Dutch store "Karweipost". The house was named "Cameleon" because it came in 4 different versions. I needed to buy a  kit because I did not have a real sawing machine at my disposal and therefore couldn't easily construct a wooden doll's house from scratch myself.

With the "Cameleon" I saw enough opportunities to change aspects of the kit to make it better suit my ideas. My plan was to use the kit as the basis for a Dutch house of  the beginning of the twentieth century.

So I chose the "Victorian"-version of the kit and added typical Dutch features. I shifted the position of a few inner doors and the shape of some window spaces. I constructed all windows, outer doors, brickwork, rooftiles, a second chinmey, the fence of the balcony and porches by myself to be able to apply my own ideas to the kit.

That's me trying to recognize all the wooden pieces on the drawing


And this is the house after I put the kit together....
....and after I decorated the roof and outside walls